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Sri Lanka eVisa

The Sri Lanka e Visa is an electronic travel authorization which is a 100% online process that hardly takes 3-5 minutes to fill in the online application.

Dreaming of exploring Sri Lanka's captivating landscapes, rich history, and vibrant culture? The Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) streamlines your visa process, allowing you to apply for a visa online anywhere. This guide provides all the essential information you need to know about the Sri Lanka ETA, including eligibility requirements, application steps, processing times, fees, and valuable tips for a smooth application experience.

What is a Sri Lankan ETA?

The Sri Lanka ETA is an official electronic authorization that allows foreign nationals to make short visits for tourism, business, or transit purposes. It does away with the necessity of physically visiting an embassy or consulate.

Types of Sri Lankan ETA available:

  • Tourist ETA: Ideal for sightseeing, holidays, visiting friends and relatives, participating in cultural events, and receiving short-term medical treatments like Ayurveda or yoga. Double entry with a 180-day validity window from the date of issuance and a 30-day maximum stay for each entrance (total stay cannot exceed 30 days across both entries).
  • Business ETA: Facilitates business meetings, negotiations, conferences, workshops, short-term training programmes, and participation in art, music, and dance events. Double entry with the same validity period (180 days) and maximum stay limitations as the Tourist ETA.
  • Transit ETA: Allows travellers to transit through Sri Lanka for up to 48 hours free of charge, provided they have a confirmed onward ticket and necessary documentation.

How Can You Apply for an ETA to Enter Sri Lankan?

Complete Application

Please fill out the application form accurately, providing both personal and travel details.


Pay Visa Fee

Submit your document and make your payment conveniently using either your debit/credit card or PayPal.


Obtain eVisa

Please anticipate approval through email. Once approved, kindly print out the e-Visa for your upcoming travel.


What are the various purposes for which tourists can travel to Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka offers a diverse array of tourist activities, catering to different interests and purposes of visit:

  1. M.I.C.E Tourism: Refers to travel for business-related events, such as meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions. Sri Lanka blends professional settings and scenic beauty, making it ideal for combining work with leisure.
  2. Medical Treatment:For medical treatment, visitors seek out Sri Lanka for both its modern healthcare facilities and traditional Ayurvedic therapies, tapping into the country's reputation for holistic health practices.
  3. Participating in Arts, Music, and Dance Events:Tourists can immerse themselves in Sri Lanka's cultural vibrancy by participating in arts, music, and dance events, celebrating the island's rich heritage through numerous festivals and gatherings.
  4. Participating in Pilgrimages: With its multitude of sacred sites for various religions, Sri Lanka is a crucial destination for pilgrims looking to deepen their faith and experience spiritual renewal.
  5. Participating in Sports Events: Whether it’s to compete or spectate, tourists flock to Sri Lanka for its wide range of sporting events, from international cricket matches to local surfing contests.
  6. Participating in Weddings: Sri Lanka is a well-liked location for weddings because of its breathtaking scenery and locations. Visitors often come to join in the celebrations of friends and family.
  7. Sightseeing or Holidaying: The main draw for many, sightseeing or holidaying encompasses exploring Sri Lanka's ancient ruins, lush landscapes, exotic wildlife, and picturesque beaches.
  8. Visiting Friends and Relatives: Many tourists visit Sri Lanka to connect with local friends and relatives, enjoy the country's warm hospitality, and explore local life.

What are the different business-related purposes for visiting Sri Lanka?

Sri Lanka, with its strategic location and burgeoning economy, offers a wide array of opportunities for business travellers, including:

  1. Participate in Business Meetings and Negotiations: Business professionals frequently visit Sri Lanka to engage in meetings, discussions, and negotiations with local and international partners. This includes exploring new ventures, finalizing deals, and forming strategic alliances, benefiting from the country's growing markets and industries.
  2. Short-Term Training Program: Sri Lanka is also a destination for professionals seeking to enhance their skills or knowledge through short-term training programs. These programs may cover a variety of fields, from industry-specific knowledge and technical proficiency to leadership and management development, taking advantage of the country's educational resources and expertise.

Who needs a Sri Lankan ETA?

  • Citizens of most countries require an ETA for entry into Sri Lanka. There is an extensive list of nations requiring an ETA and those exempt from visa requirements on the Sri Lankan ETA policy webpage.
  • Exceptions and visa-free entry: Nationals of Singapore, the Maldives, and Seychelles are exempt from obtaining an ETA and can enter Sri Lanka visa-free for short stays. Depending on their specific circumstances, diplomatic and Holders of official passports might also be excused from the ETA requirement.

Required Documents for Sri Lanka ETA Application

  • a passport that is currently valid and has at least 6 months left on it when you want to arrive in Sri Lanka
  • A scanned colour copy of the biodata page of your passport.
  • Evidence of continued travel, such as a confirmed itinerary or ticket for the return flight,
    • For business visits: A letter of invitation from the inviting organisation in Sri Lanka outlining the purpose of your visit and details of your business activities.
    • For transit visits: A confirmed ticket for your onward journey and a visa for your next destination (if required).
  • You must show that you have enough money to pay for your stay in Sri Lanka. Details from credit cards or bank statements may be included.
  • Note: Additional supporting documents might be required depending on the purpose of your visit. Check the latest requirements on the Sri Lanka ETA website before submitting your application.

Benefits of Obtaining a Sri Lankan ETA

  • Convenience and time-saving benefits: The online application process can be completed from the comfort of your home in minutes, eliminating the need to travel to an embassy or consulate.
  • Cost-effectiveness compared to traditional visas: The ETA fees are generally lower than visa application fees.

How do you apply for a Sri Lanka ETA (Step-by-Step Guide)?

ETA application can be submitted using one of the following options:

  • By the applicant
  • By Third party
  • At Sri Lanka Overseas Missions
  • At the head office of the Department of Immigration and Emigration (DI&E), Colombo
  • On arrival at the port of entry in Sri Lanka

To apply online through the ETA website, follow these steps;-

Step 1: Click "Apply eVisa."

This will take you to the online Sri Lankan ETA application form.

Step 2: Fill Out the Application Form

Carefully and accurately enter your personal, travel, and passport information. Ensure all fields are completed, as any errors or omissions could delay processing or lead to rejection.

Essential details to include:

  • Full Name
  • Nationality
  • Date of Birth
  • Passport Number
  • Passport Issuing Country
  • Date of Passport Issuance
  • Date of Passport Expiry
  • Arrival and Departure Dates in Sri Lanka
  • Port of Entry and Departure in Sri Lanka
  • Accommodation Details (optional)
  • Contact Information (Email and Phone Number)

Step 3: Upload Required Documents

Provide scanned copies of the biodata page from your passport, evidence of subsequent travel, and any other papers needed for your particular ETA type (e.g., invitation letter for business visits).

Step 4: Review and Submit

Please thoroughly review your application for accuracy before submitting it. Once you are satisfied, submit the application and proceed to payment.

Step 5: Payment Processing

The Sri Lankan ETA system accepts secure online payments using valid credit or debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Step 6: Receive e-visa

Once the application is submitted, your e-visa will be sent to you by email.

Note: The payment is non-refundable, even if your application is rejected or you decide not to travel to Sri Lanka.

What are the processing times and fees associated with obtaining a Sri Lanka ETA?

The processing time and cost of a Sri Lanka visa are given below;

Sri Lanka ETA Cost

The cost of securing a Sri Lankan Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) varies based on several aspects:

  • Type of Visa and Nationality: The kind of visa (tourist, business, transit) and your nationality play a crucial role in determining the fee. Prices vary for different visa categories and countries, reflecting international relations and agreements.
  • Number of Entries: The fee may also differ depending on whether you're applying for a single, double, or multiple-entry ETA, with each option priced differently.
  • Processing Time: You might have options for standard or expedited processing, where fees increase for quicker processing times.
  • Updated Fee Information: Refer to the Sri Lankan ETA fee page for the most accurate and up-to-date ETA fees. This resource provides comprehensive details on charges by visa type, nationality, and the number of entries.

Sri Lanka ETA Processing Time

Processing times for a Sri Lankan Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) can vary, depending on the urgency of your application:

  • Normal Processing: Typically takes between 1 to 6 working days.
  • Urgent Processing: Expedited service that processes within 1 to 3 working days with some extra charge.
  • Super Urgent Processing: Applications are processed within 24 hours for the fastest turnaround, with an extra processing charge.

Please note that processing fees differ depending on the speed of service selected. For the most current and detailed pricing, visit the Sri Lankan ETA website.

Here are some tips to expedite processing:

  • Apply well in advance of when you plan to depart.
  • Ensure that all the information provided is accurate and complete.
  • Upload readable copies of the necessary paperwork.
  • Validity and Extension of a Sri Lankan ETA

Validity and Extension of the Sri Lanka ETA

The validity of your Sri Lanka ETA depends on the type you obtained:

  • Tourist ETA and Business ETA: Valid for 180 days from the date of issue, permitting two entries, with a 30-day maximum stay for each entrance (total stay cannot exceed 30 days across both entries).
  • Transit ETA: Valid for a single entry for up to 48 hours.

Important Note:Sri Lankan ETA extensions are not currently available. If you want to remain in Sri Lanka after your ETA expires, you must apply for a new one before your current ETA expires.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Application Process

A smooth Sri Lankan adventure starts with a successful ETA application. Here's what to avoid:

  • Incomplete or inaccurate information: Double-check all details, like passport info, travel dates, and contact details. Typos can cause delays or rejection.
  • Missing documents: Ensure you have scanned copies of your passport biodata page, evidence of continued travel, and any extra paperwork needed for your particular ETA type.
  • Applying too late: Processing times can vary, so apply well before your trip to avoid delays.
  • Forgetting fees: The ETA fee is non-refundable. To make an online payment, ensure your credit or debit card is active(no cash accepted).
  • Unclear document scans: Upload clear and legible copies of all required documents for easy verification by Sri Lankan authorities.
  • Assuming children are included: Each traveller needs their own ETA regardless of age.
  • Ignoring validity periods: Pay attention to your ETA type's validity and stay limitations (Tourist, Business, Transit). Extensions are not currently available.

By following these tips and ensuring a complete and accurate application, you'll be well on your way to obtaining your Sri Lanka ETA and exploring this beautiful island nation.

Safety Tips for Travellers in Sri Lanka

Although Sri Lanka is a lovely country with kind people, as with other travel destinations, planning beforehand can help ensure a safe and pleasurable vacation. Here are some key safety tips to keep in mind:

General Safety:

  • Be Sun Smart: Sri Lanka has strong sunshine. Wear sunscreen (SPF 30+), a hat, and sunglasses, especially midday.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of bottled water to avoid dehydration, especially during hot weather.
  • Respect Local Customs: When attending places of worship, dress modestly. Be mindful of cultural norms and avoid public displays of affection.
  • Beware of Petty Theft: Keep an eye on your belongings in crowded areas like markets and public transportation. Think about carrying a safe crossbody bag or a money belt.
  • Respect Wildlife: Admire wildlife from a safe distance and avoid touching or feeding it. Be aware of potential hazards, such as wild elephants or monkeys.
  • Adventure Activities: If you plan to participate in adventure activities like trekking or water sports, choose reputable companies with proper safety measures and qualified guides.
  • Carry multiple payment methods: For flexibility, use cash and credit cards. ATMs are widely available in major cities.

Additional Tips:

  • Purchase Travel Insurance: If you have travel insurance, you can feel secure during unplanned medical crises, trip cancellations, or lost luggage.
  • Learn Basic Phrases: A few basic Sinhala phrases can go a long way in communication and demonstrate respect for the local culture.
  • Download Offline Maps: Download offline maps of the areas you'll visit if you lose internet access.
  • Emergency Numbers: Keep important emergency contact information readily available, such as the local police number and your embassy's contact details.

Using common sense and these safety suggestions, you can travel to Sri Lanka with the most possible enjoyment and lowest possible risk.


The Sri Lanka Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) represents a streamlined, efficient process for travellers seeking to explore the diverse offerings of this island nation. Whether for business, leisure, or cultural pursuits, the ETA system simplifies entry requirements, allowing visitors to easily experience Sri Lanka's rich heritage, stunning landscapes, and warm hospitality. 

By accommodating a range of travel purposes—from business meetings and training programs to sightseeing and cultural participation—the Sri Lanka ETA ensures a welcoming and accessible gateway to this enchanting destination.

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Frequently Asked Questions :

It is possible to apply for an ETA on behalf of someone else, like a friend or relative. You'll need their passport information and travel details to complete the application.

While not mandatory for the ETA application, having valid travel insurance for your trip to Sri Lanka is highly recommended. This will provide financial protection in case of unexpected medical emergencies or travel disruptions.

An ETA is linked to your specific passport. If your passport expires before the ETA's validity period ends, the ETA becomes invalid as well. Before travelling to Sri Lanka, you must apply for a new ETA with your updated passport.

If you discover any errors after submitting your application, please contact us via our support email. Additionally, should our team identify any discrepancies or missing documents while processing your application, we will promptly contact you to rectify the situation.

An ETA might be optional for shore excursions under 24 hours. For more extended stays or trips beyond the port, you'll need an ETA. Always confirm with your cruise line or Sri Lankan officials for up-to-date advice.

While many third-party websites are legitimate, applying through our ETA website is recommended to avert fraud and guarantee the safety of your personal information.

It's advisable to apply at least two weeks before your planned travel date to allow for handling any possible problems that can come up.

An Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) is a digital permission granted by a country to allow someone to enter for a short visit. It's a simpler and faster alternative to a traditional visa.

Upon arrival in Sri Lanka, travellers with an approved ETA should present their passport and ETA approval notice to the immigration officer at the port of entry. The immigration officer will then verify the details and issue a short visit visa, allowing the traveller to stay in Sri Lanka for up to 30 days. Travellers should carry a printed or digital copy of their ETA approval notice when they travel to Sri Lanka, as immigration officials may request. This can help to expedite the immigration clearance process and avoid any unnecessary delays or complications.