New Sri Lanka E-Visa: Simplified Process!

New Sri Lanka E-Visa: Simplified Process!

To modernise and enhance its immigration services, the Immigration and Emigration Department in Sri Lanka has launched an updated e-visa system. This new initiative, which started on April 18, 2024, replaces the former Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system with a sophisticated online application portal. 

The partnership with IVS Global Institute and GBS Technology Service is a testament to Sri Lanka's commitment to improving efficiency and convenience for travellers, ensuring a seamless application and approval process.

Detailed Features of the New E-Visa System

  • Immediate Activation: The e-visa system is now live, replacing the older ETA approach with immediate effect.
  • Streamlined Application Process: The system is designed to reduce complexity, making it easier for applicants to navigate the process.
  • Updated Visa Protocols: Outlined in the Extraordinary Gazette No. 2360/24 dated November 27, 2023, the new system includes revised requirements, fees, and visa validity periods tailored to streamline entry into the country.
  • Enhanced User Experience: The new system, intended to boost tourism, facilitates a more user-friendly interface and faster processing times.

Accessing the Application Portal

Applicants seeking entry into Sri Lanka can now use our dedicated online portal, which features:

  • Efficient Processing: The portal is designed to expedite the visa application process, reducing wait times and streamlining document submission.
  • Detailed Guidance: It provides comprehensive details on the application process, including necessary documentation and applicable fees.
  • User Support: The portal offers support to users to assist with any questions or issues they may have during the application process.

Economic and Social Impacts

The introduction of the e-visa system is expected to have substantial positive impacts on Sri Lanka's economy and its tourism sector:

  • Boosting Foreign Exchange: By making it easier for tourists and business visitors to enter the country, the new system is expected to increase foreign exchange earnings significantly.
  • Fostering Economic Development: The system is part of a broader strategy to enhance the attractiveness of Sri Lanka as a prime tourist destination and a hub for international business.

Conclusion and Further Information

This e-visa system marks a pivotal development in Sri Lanka's immigration services, reflecting the government's commitment to fostering an environment that supports tourism and business. Please visit this website for further information, guidance on the application process, or to start your visa application. This initiative underscores Sri Lanka’s dedication to improving its bureaucratic efficiency and boosting its global economic competitiveness.


  • What new visa process is implemented by the Sri Lankan Department of Immigration and Emigration?

    Sri Lanka has transitioned from the Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system to a new online visa application process. This move aims to streamline visa services and enhance travellers' convenience.

  • Who is involved in the development of the new e-visa system?

    Developing the new e-visa system is a collaborative effort involving the Sri Lankan Department of Immigration and Emigration, IVS Global Institute, and GBS Technology Service. This partnership leverages technological expertise to enhance the visa application process.

  • How does the new e-visa system impact Sri Lanka's tourism and economic development?

    The new e-visa system is expected to have a positive impact on Sri Lanka's tourism and economic development by:

    • Simplifying the entry process for tourists which is likely to encourage more visits.
    • Attracting more business and investment opportunities due to the ease of obtaining travel authorisations.
    • Increasing foreign exchange revenue through heightened travel and investment inflows.
  • Where can applicants access the new e-visa system to apply for a Sri Lankan visa?

    Applicants can access the new e-visa system by visiting our website. Our platform is the only centralised location for all e-visa applications, providing a secure and efficient way for potential visitors to submit their applications and receive their e-visas.